Monday, January 23, 2012

No Regrets!

Yaateeh my family!

Well it has been another amazing week here in Blanding! On Wednesday we had a baptism for Lucreshia Smith. It was very good. She was really excited abut it; she was telling everybody about it and inviting them. Their was a pretty good turn out for her. Their was even some nonmembers their which we were able to talk to and so hopefully we will be able to start meeting with them soon. Then on Saturday Sean Murphy got baptized! It was such a wonderful day. It was a really good service. It was the first baptism that ward has had in quite some time now, and their was a lot of support from the members. It was really good to see all the fellow-shipping that is taking place with that family. President Hinckley said one of the three things that a new member needs is a friend. I could not agree with that any more. Every body needs someone to sit by them or even just say hi to them when they are at church. I guess that's what most of the less actives we work with need too. People just want to feel welcomed and have someone say hi. The Murphy's have decided to turn their lives around and go in the right direction; it is truly amazing to see the Spirit work in people and change their lives! That is one family that I will never forget! We also did a very good job of finding this week. Which I was really excited about because we have had so many baptisms recently our teaching pool was starting to go down. We have some really solid new investigators which we are excited to start working with and helping them progress!
I guess it was a pretty good way to end my service here in Blanding. I have been called to serve as a zone leader in Winslow Arizona. My new companions name is Elder Taylor. He started his mission here in Blanding about a years and a half ago. I really wish i wasn't leaving Blanding, I really do love it here and have met some really amazing people. They say that your mission is the best two years of your life. The only time I disagree with that is when you have to say good bye when you get transferred. Having to say bye to people like Keosha, Rachael, the Maelies, the Murphy's, the Slavens, the Nielsons, and the Arthurs was really not fun. These are people I have made life long friends with. But every time I leave I don't want to and then I meet more amazing people. It was pretty special to me to have three different people say to me last night that they were the reason I was sent to Blanding. I don't know if it was for a specific one or all collectively, but I feel and hope that I have fulfilled my purpose here in Blanding and accomplished what the Lord intended me to. I feel that I leave here with no regrets. I have worked hard and seen the fruits of that labor. It is not me but the spirit that is in me and those who I have taught that produced those fruits.
I look forward to serving the Lord in Winslow, and pray for his help with the responsibilities that he has in trusted in me. I hope that I will be able to help those that I serve and uplift them to be better servants of the Lord. Well I hope you all have a wonderful week! I am certain that I will! Yes mom I will write you as soon as I get there! I love you all!

Elder Schmidt

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