Monday, January 16, 2012

Hello Everybody!
How was everybody's week? Ours was well...pretty awesome! It could not have gotten any better. Last Tuesday I received a phone call from the Zone Leaders telling me that we were to switch District Meeting to Friday and weekly plan on Thursday because President Jones was coming to district meeting to do interviews. So the next day I needed to call President for something and he asked what time the temple has sessions and told me to figure it out so that we could all go together. So I made sure I figured it out and we all got to go to the Temple with President and Sister Jones after District Meeting. It was a wonderful day!
Then on Saturday we had Keosha's baptism!!!!!!!! I get really excited about every baptism but for some reason I was especially excited for her to get baptized. I think part of it had to do because a lot of people were kind of doubting if she would go through with it because of her whole situation with her family. But these past couple of weeks she has really stood up and had her mind set on doing it and didn't listen to her family. It was a wonderful baptism service! The Spirit was so strong there; we didn't want to leave! She is extremely shy and does not like being in front of people at all! Like, she hates being in front of people. So there were not very many people at the baptism and we got permission to do the confirmation that same day. So she was happy about that! It has been pretty awesome to see the gospel change her life. The elders had met with her two times before I got here and things did not go very good. So I have been through the whole conversion with her and have truly seen her life change. She is so happy all the time! The scripture that was the turning point with her was Mosiah 2:41, and it is now one of my most favorite scriptures. I told Elder Moncur that if I were to leave Blanding now it would be ok with me because I witnessed Keosha get baptized.
Sean Murphy is getting baptized this Saturday! He is another one that I am really excited about! It is pretty amazing how the Spirit works and how everything has changed with him and his family. When the Spirit hits someones heart and they choose a path there is no stopping them. He gave up smoking and coffee like it was nothing. Two things that he has been doing for most of his life. We also have a baptism for a girl named Lucreshia Smith. She is eight years old. We are teaching her mom and her. Her mom said I think I was baptised and so we had the ward look up records and after a month they finally found them. So she is a child of record. We told bishop about how he is suppose to do child of records interviews and he was real cautious because he didn't think she was ready and didn't even want to do the interview, but the ward mission leader eventually talked him into it. They came out of the interview and he said she knows more then anybody I have ever interviewed. We met with her a couple of times to review and she literally asked why are we doing this I already know. It was pretty good. So we have that baptism on Wednesday night.
Well It is hard to believe that this is week six of the transfer. It has absolutely flown by. I don't really want to leave Blanding, but this past week I have really had this feeling like I am going to then the first thing President asked me in my interview is if Elder Moncur knew the area. So I don't know what that means but we will find out on Saturday.
Well I hope you all have a wonderful week! I know I am going to! I love you all!
Elder Schmidt
Keosha's Baptism

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